Robert Hansen Pedro Carrera Bastos

Robert Hansen MD - Q&A

A Talk by Pedro Carrera Bastos MSc and Robert Hansen MD

About this Talk

5-minute Q&A with Robert Hansen, moderated by Pedro Bastos

30 September 2023, 09:45 AM

09:45 AM - 09:50 AM

About The Speakers

Pedro Carrera Bastos

Pedro Carrera Bastos MSc

CEAN Group

Pedro Carrera Bastos is a Portuguese and Spanish nutritionist, researcher and PhD candidate at Lund University, Sweden and at the European University of Madrid, Spain. He holds a BSc and MSc in Nutrition. Professionally he lectures extensively about Nutrition across the world.

Robert Hansen

Robert Hansen MD

Trained and board certified in Internal Medicine, Critical Care, Anesthesiology. Practiced anesthesiology (including cardiac, vascular, neuro and other areas) and critical care. Transitioned into pain clinic last five years. Now retired. Special interest in atherosclerosis and CV risk.