Igor Mitrovic

Maladaptive cognitive/emotional processing as the cause of the stress response

A Talk by Igor Mitrovic MD

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Physiologic reserve is a spare capacity of a cell, tissue, organ, or organism that is called in/activated when a demand is increased beyond the baseline needed to sustain a biologic system.

Any stimulus that requires activation of physiologic reserve is a stressor, and the situation in which this occurs is stress. Demand that goes beyond available physiologic reserve results in biological system damage and, ultimately, death.

Brain has evolved as a future predicting device with two key goals: 1) identify and avoid the actions/situations leading to a threat of damage/death, 2) identify and promote actions/situations leading to benefits/survival. Since complex environments result in threats and benefits that are situationally dependent, the brain’s capacity to learn to identify those dependent on the situation is of paramount importance. This very flexibility that is necessary for the survival in complex environments is also a potential source of stress. Misidentifications/errors in the assessment of threats and/or benefits by aberrant learning result in the activation of physiologic reserve that, if chronic/repeated, lead to damage to the organism.

Can we identify the maladaptive processing and, more importantly, can we alter these maladaptive processing patterns that heavily contribute to health care burden?

30 September 2023, 10:40 AM

10:40 AM - 11:20 AM

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Igor Mitrovic

Igor Mitrovic MD

Dr. Mitrovic is Professor of Physiology and Clinical Pharmacy and a Co-Vice Dean for PharmD Education at University of California San Francisco (UCSF). He used his neuroscience and education expertise to help develop Emotional Brain Training.