Peter Stenvinkel

Learning from Nature to Make Everyone Healthier – a Concept of Planetary Health

A Talk by Peter Stenvinkel MD, PhD

About this Talk

Planetary health embraces the concept that human welfare over the long-term depends on the well-being of its ecological systems. Current practices have often ignored this concept and led to an anthropocentric world, with the consequence of increased greenhouse gas emissions, heat stress, lack of clean water and pollution, that are threatening the environment as well as the health and life of humans.

One consequence of environmental stressors has been the stimulation of inflammatory and oxidative stress that may not only promote common lifestyle diseases but the ageing process. Despite the harshness of the current reality, treatment opportunities may exist ‘in our backyard’.

Biomimicry is an emerging field of research that explores how nature is structured and aims to mimic ingenious solutions that during evolution have matured in nature for different applications that benefit human life. As nature counteracts excesses from within, biodiversity could be a source of solutions that have evolved through the natural selection of animal species that have survived polluted, warm, and arid environments – i.e. the same presumptive changes that threaten human health.

Learning from nature may provide opportunities for environmental management and solutions to the most challenging issue that face the future of the planet.

30 September 2023, 04:40 PM

04:40 PM - 05:16 PM

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Peter Stenvinkel

Peter Stenvinkel MD, PhD

Peter Stenvinkel serves as a professor at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden. He has published 660 original publications and reviews and >40 book chapters on various aspects of inflammation, wasting and metabolism in chronic kidney disease patients.