Darryl Edwards MSc, FBSLM

Primal Play Method "Darryl Edwards is a Movement Coach, author of the best-selling books “Animal Moves” and “My First Animal Moves”, and a thought leader in the area of creativity and innovation in fitness and health.

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Darryl Edwards is a former investment banking technologist turned movement coach and author. He is the founder of the Primal Play Method® and physical activity, health and play researcher.

After almost two decades working as a technologist in investment banking, Darryl transformed his health after adopting a back-to-basics approach to well-being. As a health and movement coach, Darryl now advises people on maintaining a healthy lifestyle—amidst the epidemic of obesity and other chronic lifestyle diseases.

The Primal Play Method® fuses evolutionary biology (what we need) with exercise physiology (why it works) and play psychology (the motivation to do it).

He regularly presents as a keynote and motivational speaker at academic, clinical, health promotion and corporate events worldwide. Darryl's April 2019 TED talk "Why working out isn't working out" discussing the issues with physical inactivity and why most humans hate to exercise—has now been viewed over a million times!

80% of children today worldwide don't meet the physical activity guidelines, and it's even worse for adults, negatively impacting physical, mental and emotional health. In an ever-increasing sedentary world, Darryl wants to inspire humans regardless of age, ability or disability to transform their health by making healthy physical activity a fun prescription that is more likely to be taken daily. A term he refers to as "movement is medicine."

He specialises in coaching children aged 4-to-94fitness for those who dislike exercise as well as for those who relish a new challenge.

Darryl is the author of the best-selling book "Animal Moveswhich highlights why humans should move like the animals we are. Inspired by the book’s success he launched a 30-day online course and created a range of fitness decks that have shipped to over 40 countries. The Animal Moves Fitness Decks are fun, fitness cards for adults, juniors (age 7-14), infants (age 3-6), office workers and fitness professionals.  In September 2021, he released a children’s picture book called “My First Animal Moves” which helps ‘Nathan’ and his dog Lola discover that outdoor play is more exciting than playing video games and watching TV.

Darryl's work has been published in leading national and international press such as The New York Times, Men's HealthWomen's HealthTop SantéElle MagazineMen's Fitness, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph, and featured on the BBC documentaries Inside The Factory, Eat to Live Forever, and Doctor In The House. He has also appeared in the full-length documentaries Love Paleo and The Human Longevity Project.

His work has also been highlighted in the NY Times best-selling book "Grit and Grace" by one of the most successful music artists of all time Tim McGraw and in one of the UK's best-selling books of 2018 "The 4 Pillar Plan" by the UK's leading TV Doctor Rangan Chatterjee.

Darryl Edwards serves as a trustee for the British Holistic Medical Association, is on the council of directors for the True Health Initiative, is on the board of advisors for the Primal Health Coach Certification and is a play ambassador for the US Play Coalition.

Darryl resides in London, England and publishes about living a healthy, playful lifestyle at PrimalPlay.com.

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